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This Ain't Your Mama's Counseling

Familiar with Slack and Venmo? Then you’re ready to get started! Not familiar with the reference “Dear Abby”, then keep reading. Dear Abby is a newspaper advice column started in 1956. Pauline Phillips wrote under the penname Abigail Van Buren until “Abigail’s” daughter took over the rights to the column and continues to publish today.

In some ways, The Dear Abby column was a precursor to contemporary counseling and therapy. For instance, even though Dear Abby’s responses were tailored to address problems submitted by readers seeking advice specific to their own problems, the themes were relatable to anyone who identified as human. She normalized the very real experience of people having questions about how to do life.

In other aspects, the Dear Abby column differed from modern counseling. When I searched for some of her best columns and found a “ThisWeek” article detailing some Dear Abby Zingers, I was joyfully reminded of her witty, no-nonsense impartations that were considered bold for the era. Today’s therapy often isn’t humorous and usually isn’t brief.

But somewhere between the newspaper advice columns of yesteryear and the hours-long weekly counseling of today, exists a market gap that is longing to be filled. Enter, The Blind Squirrel Asynchronous Personal Consulting (APC). Just as newspaper readers in previous generations could choose when they had time to read the advice column, our clients choose when to submit their challenges and when to view the responses. No schedule coordination with a provider or employer. No diagnosis. Just professional consulting and solution-focused thinking. And similar to counseling in this decade, client challenges and professional responses are tailored to individual client situations, are completely private, and maintain the personal touch of a live professional who cares about helping you, our client.

Try The Blind Squirrel APC for only $25 for a Quarter Acorn (15 minutes of professional asynchronous dialogue). Click HERE to get started or check out our SERVICES! Visit our WEBSITE or send inquires to Visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram!

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