1) INTAKE FORM-Complete the brief intake form and hit submit to begin the APC experience! 

2) PRIVATE EXCHANGE SETUP-Check your email for the encrypted, private URL link. This is where asynchronous dialogue will be accessed. When prompted, enter the same email address submitted on the intake form. Next, in the box, enter the 6-digit code you will receive via email (don't forget to check your spam folder). You're ready to watch the welcome video from your personal consultant and begin dialogue!

Watch this video if you need help on how to receive messages.

3) HIPAA COMPLIANT PORTAL SETUP-Check your email (again) for a link to a HIPAA compliant portal where you enter credit card payment information and electronically sign a privacy agreement. Payment is initiated at the time the personal consultant uploads her initial response to the client challenge.

4) RECORD YOUR CHALLENGE-Record and upload your video challenge using the encrypted, private URL provided in the welcome video email. Simply hit "reply" and upload your video. This URL is dedicated to you and your consultant!

Watch this video if you need help on how to send messages.

5) VIEW PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE-View the consultant's video response. Responses will be sent within 24-business hours from initial submission. For example, a challenge sent on Tuesday at 4pm will receive a response by Wednesday at 4pm. A challenge sent on Friday at 11am will receive a response by Monday at 11am (no responses will be sent on Saturday or Sunday). 

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