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The Blind Squirrel APC

At The Blind Squirrel APC (“Provider”), all services will be conducted and maintained using the highest level of confidentiality. "Client" information, including aggregate, non-identifying data, is never shared with outside parties. 

Provider strives to maintain a confidential environment. This is achieved by obtaining and storing minimal personal identifying information from the user (“Client”) (name, birthdate, email address, and cellphone number) in a HIPAA compliant commercial software program. Videos created in the Asynchronous Personal Consulting(“APC”) process are sent and received via private Direct Messaging (DM) in Slack.  

In order to engage in APC, Provider is requiring Client to acknowledge they have read this document whereby Client acknowledges the scope and limitations of the APC process and Provider services.

 By clicking the box, Client acknowledges they understand and agree to the following: 

  1. APC is an asynchronous process and is, therefore, NOT in real-time. Therefore, if Client is experiencing an emergency, be it physical, psychological, emotional or otherwise, Client agrees to call 911 immediately. Provider is not able to address any emergencies through the APC process and is not responsible for any emergency situation presented using the asynchronous process.  

  2. Provider does not collect physical location information from Client and is, therefore, unable to report to authorities any emergency recorded via video. If Client is experiencing an emergency, Client agrees to call 911 immediately.

  3. Videos sent to Provider from Client that are inappropriate in nature, as determined by Provider, will be removed from the system and Client will receive a brief written email from Provider stating the APC process is terminated. 

  4. Any illegal activity submitted will be turned over to the proper authorities and Provider will immediately terminate services.  

  5. APC process relies on technology and technical issues may occur that affect the product or delivery times that are outside of the product and delivery time as presented on Provider’s website. Provider will do their best to address technical issues on Provider’s end to ensure delivery of the product as presented on Provider’s website. Difficulties with hardware, software, internet or other equipment on Client end are the sole responsibility of the Client. Provider is not a technical guru and highly recommends Client consult a technology professional if Client has technical issues on their end.  

  6. Provider offers a personal consulting service. Client has free will and autonomy and, therefore, assumes all responsibility and will not hold Provider liable for personal decisions and subsequent results Client makes as a result of the APC process. 

Version 1.2 updated 12/18/2022

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